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Medical Writing Tips of the Month from CHEST

Professor Richard Irwin, Editor-in-Chief of CHEST, the journal of the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP), had the inspiration for a series of short articles on how to improve medical writing. He was kind enough to invite me to do the series, but since I hesitated about my ability, and dreaded the burden of having to write a good article every month, I initially refused. However, Prof. John R. Benfield, the erudite trilingual thoracic surgeon, encouraged me to be the editor of the series that would be written by others specializing in various aspects of medical publishing.

The result was Medical Writing Tips, which appeared almost every month in CHEST, from March 2006 until September 2010. With permission of the ACCP these are reproduced in English and Japanese (translated by my staff at the time, primarily Ms Mayumi Toyota and Ms Sae Nakano) on this site.

These are unique distillations and crystallizations of the knowledge of some of the most highly qualified experts in various aspects of creating written medical documents. I would like to thank everybody who helped make this series possible.

J. Patrick Barron

Changes in the Ethos of Medical Publications as Reflected in Progressive Alterations in the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals (1979-2008) PDF

Hypothesis Testing, Study Power, and Sample Size PDF

Comments on Writing Letters to the Editor
Moving From Duels and Fencing to Belles Lettres

Reporting a Systematic Review PDF

Translating Patient Education Materials PDF

The Committee on Publication Ethics Flowcharts PDF

Backing Up Your Statements
How To Perform Literature Searches To Prove Your Points

Dangers in Using Translated Medical Questionnaires
The Importance of Conceptual Equivalence Across Languages and Cultures in Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Writing Up Your Research Results for Publication PDF

Reporting "Basic Results" in PDF

When a Picture Needs 1,000 Words PDF

Research During Fellowship
Ten Commandments

On the Table
Form and Function

The Proof of the Pudding
How to Report Results and Write a Good Discussion

Handling Manuscript Rejection
Insights From Evidence and Experience

When Does Previous Disclosure Become a “Prior Publication” Problem? PDF

Ethical and Legal Guidance in Biomedical Publishing PDF

Abstracts for Professional Meetings PDF

The Role of In-House Medical Communications Center in Medical Institutions in Nonnative English-Speaking Countries PDF

Development of International Standards for Medical Communications in English PDF

At a Glance
A Stepwise Approach to Successful Poster Presentations

Citing Electronic Material in Your Article PDF

Creating Written Patient Education Materials PDF

Avoiding the Peril in Scientific Writing

Materials and Methods
A Recipe for Success

Responsibilities of Authorships PDF

Effective Written Communication for Patients With Limited English Proficiency PDF

How To Choose the Right Journal for Your Manuscript PDF

Seeking Funding From Foundations PDF

Why References
Giving Credit and Growing the Field

Creating an Academic Career in Respiratory Medicine
Take-Home Messages From a Unique Symposium

Avoiding Common Problems During Online Submission of Manuscripts PDF

A Dying Art? The Doctor's Letter of Condolence PDF

Registering a Clinical Trial in PDF

Documenting Research in Scientific Articles: Guidelines for Authors
3. Reporting Multivariate Analyses

Documenting Research in Scientific Articles: Guidelines for Authors
2. Reporting Hypothesis Tests

How to Make a Good First Impression
A Proper Introduction

Writing an Application for a Human Subjects Institutional Review Board PDF

Documenting Research in Scientific Articles: Guidelines for Authors PDF

Goodbye Ghostwriters! PDF

Graphs PDF

Writing Successful Grant Applications for Preclinical Studies PDF

How Authors Can Cope With the Burden of English as an International Language PDF

Some Concrete Ideas About Manuscript Abstracts PDF

The Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals Recommended by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors PDF

Preparing Manuscripts for Online Submission PDF

A New Section in CHEST PDF