Academic Achievements Other than Original Papers

Professional Achievements Other than Original Papers

Original articles are extremely important for your career but there are many other forms of academic achievements.
Comprehensive Approach:
Sometimes other types of publishing achievements are as much, if not more, important than original articles.
Letter to the Editor
  • Comments on recently published papers in the same journal.
  • Description of a new method that may not require a full paper
  • Can attract readers' attention
  • Usually, one to two references are acceptable
  • For letters criticizing previous publications, the authors of the latter are often given a chance to reply.
  • Since a letter is not an abstract, it can be referred to as an academic publication, and cited as a reference.
Rapid Communications
  • Purpose: To rapidly publicize new information that undergoes peer review
  • Reason: For the progress of science, to attract readers, to increase the citation index of the journal
  • Format: Depends on journal, therefore, you must carefully read instructions
  • Evaluation: Although it undergoes peer review, usually decision is a simple yes or no, without reasons.
  • Advantages: You can protect your latest research before presenting orally.
Review Articles
  • Usually invited
  • If not invited, you must choose the target journal carefully, before approaching them.
  • A)Does the journal publish review articles?
  • B)Has the journal recently published papers on the topic?
  • C)Do you know members of the editorial board? Can you contact them about the possibility of a review article?
  • A very wide range of references is needed for a thorough article.
  • A very balanced and objective approach must be taken in writing.
  • Can be extremely influential and career enhancing.
  • Make sure beforehand the journal is willing to consider your review article.
Writing a Single Book Chapter (by invitation)
  • Your format must fit that of the book.
  • If it is a second or later edition, the format may differ from the first edition.
  • To reduce your load, ensure you follow the format, particularly the style of references.
  • Grasp overall contents of book to prevent duplication of other contents of chapters.
Authoring your Own Book
Publication of an individual book, CD-ROM etc. are attractive possibilities.
  • 他の著者との共著よりも難易度が高い。
  • More difficult than collaborating with other authors.
  • Although time is required, you have freedom in selecting contents. Before writing, ensure the following points in publishing contract.
  • A)Where and how will your name appear?
  • B)How will the publisher distribute it?
  • C)Possible translated edition rights
  • D)Copyrights aspects – text and figures
  • E)If a given number of books can be sold before printing, this is attractive for publishing companies.
Editing a Book with Chapters from Several Authors
One of the easiest ways of making a major academic achievement Many believe only senior experts can edit multi-author books, but such is not the case.
A)Establish the niche need
B)Choose contributors from your international congress network
C)Approach publishers, if possible, with guaranteed number of prepublication sales.
  • Ensure timetable reasonable
  • Work with a foreign publisher or a publisher with close international publishing contact, in order to maximize distribution.
Editorials and Essays
  • Normally only by invitation
  • You must have a clearly expressed logical opinion, but also refer to the opinions of colleagues.

<Points concerning essays>

A)Define range and specificity of contents
B)Effectiveness and applicability
E)Figures, if allowed.
Abstracts for Presentations of Congresses
A)Usually, manuscripts appearing only as abstracts cannot be considered as academic achievements.
B)Great care in writing necessary for highly competitive societies.
C)Tailor your abstracts to the desired format (structured abstract etc.) and target session.
D)Although space for abstracts is limited, use only common abbreviations.
E)Limit amount of data to ensure 100% comprehension.
F)Be sure to have text checked by experienced native speaking editor(s).
As in the case of rapid communications, the acceptance is a YES or NO decision.
International Congresses
Oral and poster presentations may be less valuable in themselves than written publication, but in terms of developing your own professional network, the importance of international congresses cannot be emphasized too much. Meeting other participants allows you to make friends, obtain information and become acquainted with those who may be reviewers of your papers in future. Such a network is a goldmine.