Academic Achievements Other than Original Papers

Oral Presentations

Introduction to Oral Presentations
In your career you will give many more "talks" i.e. oral presentations, than you will write papers. From my experience I have delivered at least 50 times more such presentations than original research papers or translations. Therefore presenting orally is an essential basic skill on which your ability and knowledge will be judged. The following is an outline of the video presentation on the topic, intended for those who only have time to read a synopsis, or who wish to do so before deciding to invest the time required to view the entire video lecture. You can also use it to refresh your memory.

Introduction of Oral Presentations

Main features of oral presentations

  • Short: Usually 6-10 minutes
  • Can freely select the contents of the presentations.
  • No peer review (=not a "real" publication)
  • Color slides can be used.
  • Can present newest data.
  • Need to protect data.