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It is extremely hard to make a career in academic medicine. This site aims to provide a large amount of easily-understandable practical information, collected over 40 years, in succeeding in having original research accepted for publication and establishing a career in medicine. It is designed to take as much of a load off busy clinicians and scientists as possible.

It is also aimed to provide you with the ethical information you need to protect you and your career.

We will try to answer any questions you have, and will welcome suggestions for additional sections.

“ronbun” means thesis or scholarly paper in Japan, which is where the site, although bilingual and international in scope, is based.


23 Aug 2019
A series of basic statistics by Tom Lang 6. Correlation and Linear Regression Analysis New
23 Aug 2019
A series of basic statistics by Tom Lang 5. Tests and Measures of Association New
31 May 2019
Academic Achievements Other than Original Papers
31 May 2019
A series of basic statistics by Tom Lang 4. Understanding Measures of Risk
31 May 2019
A series of basic statistics by Tom Lang 3. Hypothesis Testing
31 May 2019
A series of basic statistics by Tom Lang 2. Estimates and Confidence Intervals
26 Dec 2018
A series of basic statistics by Tom Lang

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How to Create Your Academic Career
(all videos)

Comprehensive approach to developing your career in academia.
All videos are provided in both English and Japanese.

Samples of Cover Letters

These help you communicate accurately and effectively with journals, especially when submitting manuscripts.

Medical Writing Tips of the Month from CHEST

Highly experienced authors, editors, and biostatisticians own highly detailed advice and experience concerning medical communications (47 chapters).

Q&A about submission

Beginning October, 2014, we will have a new section to respond to in detail to the questions of our readers to fill in any gaps not covered by the other sections of this site. Please feel free to ask in Japanese or English.

Critical Elements of Medical Papers

An analytical approach to the various components constituting a research paper

COPE Flowcharts

They are designed to help primarily editorial staff but also individuals concerning possible situations involving unethical medical publishing practices including plagiarism, fabrication or suspected cases of such.
They are meant to give step-by-step directions as to how the editorial office should proceed in such career affecting cases.

Interview Series with Dr. Denis A. Cortese, Former CEO, Mayo Clinic

A fascinating exchange of opinion with Professor Denis A. Cortese, Emeritus President and CEO, Mayo Clinic, and Foundation Professor and Director, Healthcare Delivery and Policy Program, Arizona State University, providing a unique perspective from the Mayo Clinic, which originated in-house medical communications more than a century ago.

A series of basic statistics by Tom Lang

This is an article regarding "basic statistical" written by Dr. Tom Lang, a world-renowned top medical writer in the United States who has an excellent reputation in the field of medical writing and editing. Basic information is briefly summarized in the series to help understanding of statistical analyses. By reading through the articles, you can increase understanding of statistics for evidence-based medical care.